Vision of Kalyanmayee is of tall order but certainly not unachievable-

Vision being to imbibe & inculcate such high moral values & ethics amongst all members of this vast family of AAI, which in turn would undoubtedly act as catalyst for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), wherein, it will not only manifest in upholding our rich cultural heritage but also, enriching & bringing about the desired degree in social transformation.

The transformation is essentially the need of the hour wherein our society today is threatened by deforestation and extinction of endangered species resulting in ecological imbalance. Also the new age society demands empowerment of women from all quarters in all urgency.

Kalyanmayee aims at contributing towards these needs concretely and virtually beyond just verbal claims. The CSR concept is bound to contribute towards our country’s overall development which includes social, cultural, environmental & even economical, thus ensuring improvement & sustainability of better quality life.