President Desk

Mrs. Anjali Mohapatra All India President

Dear Member,

Over the past two decades, Kalyanmayee has devoted itself to the various aspects o four  society. As the year 2017 unfolds, Kalyanmayee resolves to reach a new alter, working towards a cause that would justify the  most essential reason for its very existence.

As President, I solicit your co-operation in accomplishing this noble vision. Let us give a new direction to our efforts & make strides by contributing in a meaningful manner towards cultural enrichment & help in undertaking significant social initiatives. 

Kalyanmayee has been formed to execute "Corporate Social Responsibilities" of Airports Authority of India. First step in this direction was “Setting up a Mini Paper Recycle Mill” to establish AAI identity as a “green eco-friendly organization”. 

Handmade paper has rich colorful history, which has spanned over the entire world’s geography, and its culture. Each country has its unique way of making paper with various materials. Recycling paper has modern day implications too, on account of its being wood-free, which is why Environment friendly countries that care for the future of upcoming generation are resorting to greater usage of recycled handmade paper products. More & more countries are joining this league. Kalyanmayee has taken steps in this direction joining the league of connoisseurs to give an expression to one’s individuality and to one’s concern for the Environment by using Recycled handmade Paper.

"Women can make more than a difference". We can and do uphold our own achievements against all odds. We efficiently balance work in and outside the home. We build homes, families and we certainly can build communities and nations. We can bring about so much meaning to every aspect of life. All we need is to put our strengths and energies together. All we need to do is to consolidate. Kalyanmayee acts as a catalyst to bring about improvement in the quality of life for all sections of society. I look forward to your ideas & suggestions to make "Kalyanmayee" a more meaningful organization. I assure you of my commitment. I am sure together we can take Kalyanmayee to greater heights.