About Us

Kalyanmayee - Airports Authority Women Welfare Association consists of female officials, wives of the male officials and also the families of AAI officials.  The broad objectives of the association are to carry out activities for the development of the socially and economically marginalized communities and the underserved sections of the society at large, and to undertake social, cultural and educational activities for the benefit of the Members and their families, so as to promote and imbibe a feeling of harmony and belongingness within the organization.

Kalyanmayee was established on 23rd December 1987 as a registered body with the objectives; to enhance welfare and well being of women and children, to undertake study courses for ladies and children in areas like cookery, tailoring, music etc. and to organize cultural programme, festival and sports activities. Over the years its sphere of work has been widened considerably and grown its stature & strength by having members and undertaking various social upliftment projects, across India.

At Present Kalyanmayee is headed by Mrs. Anjali Mohapatra- President, the first lady of AAI; wife of Shri Guruprasad Mohaoatra the Chairman, AAI. The Vice Presidents are the wives of Whole Time Board Members of AAI. The other committee members are Secretary and Treasurer, who are officials of AAI. The Association has its branches at the Units, Regions and Airports where the AAI offices are located.

Mrs. Anjali Mohapatra
All India President

Kalyanmayee Unit has been divided into Northern Region, Southern Region, Eastern Region, Western Region and North-Eastern Region for functional purpose.

In the past years Kalyanmayee has come forward and has undertaken projects like 24X7 Medical Center at Pakyong Airport, Waste Management Projects, Rehabilitation of underprivileged and working with inmates of Tihar Jail & HelpAge. Kalyanmayee is also running nursery schools at various airports with the help and assistance of AAI. In Delhi Kalyanmayee is providing Montessori Education system through its pre School named Modern Montessori International Kalyanmayee at INA Colony.  This school is also having Day Care facilities and also imparting Motessori Teachers' Training. 

Central Unit is initiated project "Education Beyond School" in October 2014, wherein education is providing to children from EWS of society after the school hours, free of cost at INA colony. 

As part of its plan of action for 2014-15, Kalyanmayee will be implementing community development activities in select locations across the country towards integrated development of communities who live in close range of our airports.

Kalyanmayee will provide technical support to the President of the local Kalyanmayee Unit to implement a series of activities which will include (but not be limited to) the following:
Initial needs assessment study with the help of local experts/ NGOs to understand the specific needs of the communities that we intend to serve.

Provision of a range of services based on identified needs, such as safe drinking water, sanitation, health facilities, vocational training, education etc.
Partnering with other Government and non-government organizations working in the same communities so that we are able to pool our resources and create sustainable models of development.