Paper Recycle Unit Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Paper is such a commodity with which we are very closely related in our daily life. Its use in communication and information, storage and transfer, science and technology, industry and education is very well established. Per capita consumption varies country to country. Per capita consumption of paper is growing up day by day. However in India consumption of paper is 5kg per capita.

In the world it is 15 kg (average).  “Giving back to the community where we live and work, a commitment towards sustainable growth of communities” is the message sent to all, as the major objective of CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility of AAI and setting up of the Paper Recycling unit in Delhi was the first CSR project which was undertaken , an inititiative by Kalyanmayee. When every one is discussing Global warming at national and International forum it is shocking to hear that, to produce 1 ton mill paper, normally 17-18 healthy trees are cut..AAI’s annual stationary demands at least 80 tons of paper so we can imagine by recycling waste paper how many trees we are going to save, it is a big number-  1440.

Not withstanding the debt we owe to trees, their emotive power, and their importance to other forms of life, the forested area of the earth is steadily being depleted. This is leading to the degradation of the environment, contributing to global warming and the extinction of many species The amount of paper we discard each day is huge. Earlier paper collected from office was either burned or disposed as garbage. And now the same paper is being used to make beautiful recycled paper which would again be used by us as files, folders, visiting cards, envelopes etc.

A truckload of the first set of office stationery for the first quarter produced by using recycled paper was handed over by President, Kalyanmayee, Mrs Archana Agrawal to Chairman, AAI, on 5th April’2010. All office stationery items like file folders, envelopes, note pads, letter pads, slip pads etc was handed over which would be used by the corporate headquarter, the Regional Head quarter and other AAI offices situated in Delhi.   Stationery Cost ploughed back into CSR funds: This unit is ready to cater the need of Paper      Stationery items for all the AAI offices/airports across the country. The value of Paper Stationery supplied by this unit to AAI will be ploughed back further into CSR funds over and above the budget provisions as per DPE guidelines issued on CSR.

Unique Selling Point of paper unit.

  1. Energy conservation.Paper is dried in the sun (natural drying) thus saving energy.
  2. Pollution free and eco-friendly Our paper unit is 100 % environment and eco friendly. Waste paper/old records/documents / empty carton of computer / electronic item supplied to offices from various AAI offices at Delhi is recycled to produce paper.
  3. Water harvesting Water used for producing recycled paper is recycled for reuse at our kalyanmayee paper unit.  70-80% water is recycled for the paper making process. It is also used for horticulture and gardening purposes.  We are also   harvesting water to contribute raising depleting water level. As no hazardous chemicals are used in the production process, we get pollution free water from production floor which further fertile the soil and also as some amount of cellulose remains in the water which is used as compost to produce manure.
  4.    Converting zero waste in to wealth by re-crafting /recycling       Earlier this waste paper either used to throw in the waste bins or burnt (as per our Weeding out policy) but by recycling this paper and converting it back to paper thus saving AAI’s money.
  5.   Generating Employment for displaced people.